Satan Sings Mostly Sondheim
March 20, 2014  //  By:   //  Musicals, Reviews  //  Comments are off

Written by Adam Long (founding member and writer/director of the Reduced Shakespeare Company) this look at Satan’s (Adam Long) life and career in musical theatre on earth is a little long winded. We enjoy highlights from some of Sondheim’s more recognisable numbers such as “Send In The Clowns’ and ‘Tonight’ with a modern re-working of the lyrics in places.  Although this is clever at times I would’ve liked to have seen more of this throughout the production as it would have made the show more unique and relevant to the title.

This production is simplistic and runs smoothly with both Long and Mark Caven (Satan’s theatrical agent) keeping the pace and momentum throughout various costume changes and shifts in emotions.

The ‘Public Domain Medley’ provides a good showcase of both Actors talent and this is one of the more enjoyable moments within the piece and is humorous and cleverly executed.  One of the funnier moments arise when we see ‘Cats In Boxes’ which provoked some ‘ahhhhhs’ and laughter from the audience.

As an audience we struggle to follow what is happening at times and the production feels very surreal in places i.e. flashbacks to Satan’s father leaving his mother and Satan’s emotional ‘breakdown’ on a phonecall to Sondheim himself.

This light hearted production has somehow lost its way from what could’ve potentially been a good concept to its stage debut.  It does bring a few moments of comedy and wit but requires re-working in order to engage the audience for a full hour.

Reviewed by Matthew Wren Andrew

Playing at Jermyn Street Theatre until 29 March 2014