All Star Cast for “An Ewe Musical” The Sheep Chronicles: Rameo & Eweliet

A starry cast led by Evening Standard award winner Tyrone Huntley, Olivier award winner Sharon D.Clarke and RTS award winner Tony Maudsley, bring to vivid life Ripley Theatre’s recording of The Sheep Chronicles: Rameo and Eweliet.

The story of two flocks, the black Ramulets and the white Mintagewes, this reworking of the timeless classic (aimed at 6 to 11 year olds) combines riotous humour, a great dollop of Shakespeare’s original verse, and a score adapted by Josh Bird from the Romeo & Juliet classical repertoire (Bellini, Berlioz, Gounod & Tchaikovsky) making it the perfect introduction to the Baaaaard…

The colour blind casting features the superb Tyrone Huntley as the white sheep Romeo and newcomer Kate Hume as the young black sheep Eweliet.

Tony Maudsley narrates as Flyer Lawrence the wise old owl, with Julie Atherton, Haydn Oakley, Daniel Boys, Paul Bazely, Genesis Lynea, Laura Jane Cook, Gabrielle Brookes, Gladys Hall-Ohver, Simon Burr, Simon Willmont, Rose Shalloo, Suzanne Procter and Sharon D. Clarke completing the cast.

Next month sees the release of another musical audio recording, The Sheep Chronicles: The Amazing Adventures of a Girl Called Red, by James Williams & Lesley Ross. Featuring Hadyn Oakley, Debbie Kurup, Llio Millward, Aaron Lee Lambert, Jodie Jacobs, Kate Hume, Anthony Matteo, Laura Jane Cook, Larry Le Conte and Daniel Boys, the narration is by Doctor Who‘s Louise Jameson.

The Sheep Chronicles: Sleeping Beauty & The Ewe’s Duty, also by Williams & Ross, is currently playing the Brighton Fringe.

The Sheep Chronicles: Rameo and Eweliet “An Ewe Musical” is available now on itunes, amazon, and from CD Baby.