A blog a day keeps the blogger blogging

a-blog-a-daySo here’s the thing. I’m classed as a blogger. I’m not even sure if I agree with that but apparently that’s the box I fit into when being categorised by other people. But the funny thing is, I don’t tend to write blogs that much (insert laughing emoji). So I have decided to commit myself to writing a blog a day for the rest of my life (or until I get bored and decide to stop).

What will I blog about? I have no idea! I’m open to suggestions if you have anything you’d like to hear me lament about. What do you want to know about? Help me out by letting me know on social media Facebook Twitter or you can email me wilma@westendwilma.com. Most excitingly of all you can write me an old fashioned letter now as well to my new PO Box address (PO Box 73609, London, SE13 9EE).

So lets get blogging!