A Chorus Line

Rating [rating=4]

Reviewed by Jamie Chapman Dixon

A Chorus Line is finally back in the West End and boy has everyone been waiting for it. The cult classic which has a small cabin in every theatre lovers heart, is 2 hours long without an interval. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly dubious about the fact that without an interval this show could drag but I’m glad I’m not one to judge a book by its cover as this show flew by.

I was sat next to a charming lady from War Cry Magazine and Vanessa Phelps was happily giggling away in front of me. The atmosphere was all set and we were ready to get started.

As the lights came up we saw a theatre stage set up, with mirrors spread across the back wall. Throughout the majority of the show this was all we saw set wise, apart from the one occasion a half circle of mirrors lowered on to the stage, which I have to commend as being quite elegantly done.

The amazing thing about A Chorus Line is that (even though this production would of had money thrown at it), it is such a simplistic show that you could put it on with your pocket money and a piece of string and it would still look fabulous. In all of my reviews I say who stood out for me or who stole the show. On this occasion I’m over the moon to say nobody did. The reason I’m so happy by this is because that is exactly what A Chorus Line is all about. It tells the struggling story of ensemble dancers and how hard it is to get a job, then when you finally do get your big break, you’re last weeks news and too old to play the game. This production of A Chorus Line really put that point out there and let the audience understand the troubles performers go through to entertain them.

I have to applaud the director, Bob Avian for making the whole show so simplistic and then BAM, GLITZ, GLAMOUR! The ending was a mixture of lights, gold and glitter and it couldn’t have been executed better. With contagious songs and thought provoking choreography, this show is one to go and watch.

To sum up the evening I will steal the words of 2 ladies who walked past me in the theatre after curtain down. “How did you find it?”, “I loved it when I saw it 35 years ago and I still love it just as much”.

Hats off to the cast and company for a great show.


A Chorus Line is playing at the London palladium until 18 January 2014.

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