A first look at some of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows

It’s that time of year when inboxes are being flooded with press releases about shows that are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. Here are a look at just a few of the shows I have been reading about that sound like they might be interesting!

Ken – Pleasance Dome (Ace Dome) 1-27 August (not 13 or 20) at 3.20pm
After successful runs at Hampstead Theatre and The Bunker, Terry Johnson’s show Ken which marks the tenth anniversary of playwright Ken Campbell’s death. The ninety-minute show tells the story of the struggling playwright who whilst wrestling with his masterpiece for the Royal Court, receives a phonecall from a man whose life is about to be changed forever.

News Revue – Underbelly George Square (Udderbelly) 2-26 August (not 15) at 5.45pm
With the political landscape the way it is, it is no surprise that News Revue is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer with an entirely new show, rounding up this year’s biggest news. News Revue is the longest running comedy show having begun playing in 1979. The show can still be seen regularly in London and it’s back at this year’s fringe festival.

Killymuck – Underbelly McEwan Hall (Jersey) 1-27 August (not 13) at 6.25pm
Inspired by the real events of a housing estate built on a paupers graveyard in 1970’s Ireland, Killymuck is a powerful exploration of survival about those who strive to work against the stereotype and break free, about fighting for something better.

Harpy – Underbelly Cowgate (White Belly) 2-26 August (not 13) at 4pm
Hi-de-Hi! actress Su Pollard comes to the festival this year with a play commissioned especially for you to portray a woman with an extreme disorder – hoarding. Since something deeply cherished was stolen from her, she hasn’t been able to give up anything and regards it as her duty to salvage these tiny histories that without her, would be totally forgotten. Harpy explores mental health issues and questions what madness really is.

Feed – Pleasance Dome (King Dome) 3-27 August (not 15) at 2pm

Feed is a world where emotions are the currency and passions and fantasies will be indulged… for a price. A media storm in a whirring story that moves from reality into dark fantasy as the algorithms spin to deliver what people want. Clickbait culture, fake news and gluttony and all explored in this show.

Angry Alan – Underbelly Cowgate (Big Belly) 2-26 August (not 13) at 3.20pm
A dark comedy and proactive new play by award winning Playwright Penelope Skinner, Angry Alan is a story of masculinity in crisis. Angry Alan is about a man being radicalised online by an extremist movement and how an extreme viewpoint can take root in someones self-consciousness if they are vulnerable to it.

Tamar Broadbent – Best Life – Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Laugh) 2-26 August (not 13) at 2.20pm
After last years Edinburge Fringe show Get Ugly and a starring role in the London musical Miss Nightingale, comedy song writer Tamar Broadbent is heading back to Edinburgh with her new show Best Life. Broke, overwhelmed by life and in a complicated relationship with Netflix, Tamar aims to find her dream job, change the world and go for brunch in this highly relatable observational comedy show.

Thor and Loki – Assembly Roxy (Upstairs) – 1-26 August (not 13) at 7.15pm
A new comedy musical that reimagines ancient myths through a modern sense. Packed with wit, charm and unforgettable tunes, this is a coming of age story about the end of the world.

The Song of Lunch – Pleasance Courtyard (Forth) – 1-27 August (not 13) at 2.20pm

A hilarious and poignant drama of disastrous attempts to rekindle lost love. Robert Bathurst and Rebecca Johnson star in this verse tragicomedy of love, loss and Chianti.


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