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West End Wilma is the mother/son blogging venture that has been taking over London’s theatre scene since 2012, interviewing stars of the stage and reviewing all the latest productions.

Originally under the pseudonym of an old lady called ‘Wilma’, creator Ed Baker along with his mother, created the persona of an old lady who loves running around the West End having tea with all the stars and attending glitzy press nights. Ed’s mum became the face of West End Wilma but in January 2017, on the blog’s fifth anniversary, Ed decided it was time to come clean to the world that he was the man behind it all.

Ed and his mum are now running around the West End together as partners in crime, as the mother/son venture that makes up West End Wilma.


Email: wilma@westendwilma.com

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Want to join the West End Wilma team? I’m always on the look out for good writers to review shows around the UK so send me an email if you’d like to get involved wilma@westendwilma.com