Actors have better sex lives than any other profession!

Sexy loving couple embrace.New research released by, the UK’s top married dating site, shows that actors have better sex lives than any other profession, beating models, lawyers, politicians and bankers. Over 2,000 people were surveyed in twenty different job categories and those in ‘acting and performing’ have more sex and more sexual partners than any other profession.

The 100 people in the ‘acting and performing’ industry have on average five sexual partners a year and have sex three times a week, which was 550% more than those in the ‘banking’ industry who have on average one sexual partner a year and have sex once every two weeks; and 400% more than those in the ‘modelling’ industry, who have on average two sexual partners a year and have sex twice a week.

“Talent is extremely attractive,” said Claire Page, spokesperson for “People who have the ability to interpret art and express themselves onstage and on camera will naturally draw admiration. It doesn’t surprise me that actors have better sex lives than any other profession – who wouldn’t want to have an illicit encounter with an up-and-coming Benedict Cumberbatch, Angelina Jolie or Chris Hemsworth? Musical theatre actors especially have to be flexible and in good shape, and taking to the stage every night – even for a play – is extremely physically challenging so I imagine anyone in a West End or off-West End musical will be at their sexual peak.”

“The reason people are attractive is not purely because of their looks,” said psychologist Lucy Redford “Yes, appearance is what initially attract us to someone. It is thought that asymmetrical features are a sign of underlying genetic problems. Numerous studies have shown that men in particular go for women with symmetrical faces. However, confidence and intelligence are also extremely attractive. These characteristics help seal a relationship long-term and are also what make someone, like an actor, attractive to the public. Watching an actor perform, we think they are confident (this trait is assumed when they get on stage or in front of a camera crew) and intelligent (this trait is assumed when they take on the personality of another in playing a role). Some of today’s biggest actors are not symmetrically perfect but are still extremely attractive, like Geoffrey Rush, Willem Dafoe, Seth Rogen and Christopher Walken.”