Alex Hanson has Tea With Wilma chatting about THE TRUTH at Wyndham’s Theatre

TWW Alex HansonFor those who may not be familiar with Florian Zeller’s The Truth, can you tell me what the show is about and the character that you play?
It’s a very funny and brilliantly cruel comedy about a married man who is having an affair and gets himself into increasingly deeper trouble the more he attempts to cover his tracks. In the process he comes face to face with some surprising and uncomfortable truths. I play Michel, the man having the affair.

Florian Zeller’s plays are a real hot ticket right now. The Father started out at the Theatre Royal Bath before transferring to the off-west end Tricycle Theatre and then into the West End’s Wyndham’s Theatre. Do you think the success of shows like these is because they trial them outside of London and then work their way up to the West End, rather than opening in the West End straight away without having enough time to make sure they are perfect first?
It’s a very good question. There’s no doubt that the more you perform a play the better and more honed the playing of it is. I think this is particularly useful for musicals: there are so many more technical aspects to get on top of. But in the case of these recent London productions of Florian’s plays, I think their success is in greatest part down to the fact that they’re just very good pieces of writing. And they’ve been cast and directed very well.

You have starred in several Andrew Lloyd Productions including Sunset Boulevard, Aspects of Love, Jesus Christ Superstar and Stephen Ward. Which has been your favourite show to work on and are there any other roles you would like to have a go at playing?
I loved working on them all, each for varying reasons. If I have to pick a favourite, It would be Stephen Ward: a fascinating slice of history, an interesting and complex character, and some not bad tunes! As far as other roles in the A L-W canon: Probably a bit late for me to play Che, in Evita, now – I’d have liked that. Certainly wouldn’t mind revisiting Aspects… and playing George.

There are lots of exciting shows coming to London in 2016. Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to seeing?
We’re at the Wyndhams till early September so, unfortunately, I won’t have the opportunity to see a lot.

If you could be the opposite sex for the day, what theatre role would you love to have a go at playing?
Golly! Cleopatra. Norma Desmond. Plenty….Will need to get back to you about that.

Why do you think people should come to see The Truth at the Wyndham’s Theatre?
Because it’s very very funny and in the best possible way. Witty, challenging, rewarding, you’re in for a complete treat. It’s an hour and a half long, you’re in one of the best and most beautiful theatres in London, and you’re round the corner from Sheekey’s! And/or Cafe Koha……take your pick, you’ll have time, the West End’s your oyster!

Thanks for having Tea With Wilma
Photo: Marc Brenner

THE TRUTH plays at Wyndham’s Theatre until 3 September 2016. Tickets