Aliens Love Underpants

Harrison Spiers in ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS photo credit sjsphoto - CopyEver wondered why your underpants have disappeared? It’s not what you might think… Perhaps the aliens have stolen them!

Didn’t you know that aliens love underpants? They don’t have them on their planet, so they come down to Earth and steal ours!

Based on the book by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, Aliens Love Underpants is a funny, quirky and colourful show. The cast of four embrace the story and bring it to life with songs and alien puppets that the children love!

There’s plenty of audience interaction and lots of pants – which, let’s face it, are hilarious to everyone under the age of 10 (and to some who are older).

The aliens are fantastic, especially the blue alien in Timmy’s bed, with the three main ones controlled by the cast used to great effect, especially in the spaceship.

The few jokes aimed at adults sadly fall flat (e.g. You’re a cat Stevens) and I also felt that in the classroom scene, the ‘children’ could have spoken a bit more clearly and used proper English.

Also, the ‘famous pants’ don’t really belong to people that young children will know. Henry (age 5) didn’t know who Tom Daley or Kylie Minogue were and most children don’t study the Tudors until they’re at least 6.

However, as this isn’t actually part of the original story, the ‘famous pants’ could easily could be changed to those of fictional characters.

But the children absolutely loved the show, joining in songs with gusto and offering plenty of answers to questions they were asked. Adults might not enjoy it quite as much, but the song ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ will be stuck in your head for several hours after the show and you won’t actually mind!

Henry said “It was very cool. I liked the spaceship and the aliens. My favourite was the green one with big underpants and I got an alien space monkey balloon called Blob with a laser tail!”

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes

Aliens Love Underpants is playing at the Leicester Square Theatre until 31 August 2014. Click here for tickets.