Another Way

Wilmas Rating ***

Friday 13th, the Cockpit Theatre, drenched right through from the rain outside, I entered the room needing a well deserved sit down to dry off. But to my horror the audience were all stood in the middle of the room, squashed together, with the seats cornered off. I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend the evening but thankfully after an opening scene, the barriers came down and we were allowed to flock to our seats.

Another Way is a nice story about three young London based couples. We follow lovers Carrie and Oliver from the day they meet until three months later. Alex and Vivien are a couple struggling their way through Alex’s cancer treatment in the run up to Christmas and Sam and Toby, the computer geeks, have their bromance put to the test when a video they create online goes viral and puts their friendship to the test.

Three stories about life, love, illnesses and fame. A strange combination for a show but the stories integrate well together.

Julie Atherton and Andy Coxon stand out as the star performers in Another Way which is no surprise as they have both had successful careers in the West End. Pairing them together as one couple in this show seemed to overshadow the other four performers who eventually felt like filler stories around them.

The 80 minute show (without an interval) felt a little longer than it needed to be. Bringing the three stories together at the end took longer than it needed to, flitting from one couple to another and then another and another but eventually it got there.

Another Way has so much potential, with great writers and actors behind it and and with a little bit of work it could become something very special.