Apartment 40c – London Theatre Workshop


IMG_4230.JPGAh, don’t we all love when a completely new work comes into town!

Apartment 40C is a musical making its debut at the London Theatre Workshop. It is an original export of the theatre, being completely conceived, written, work-shopped, and performed there.

The show delves into the story of one couple, and how their lives evolve through the choices they make. It allows us to see them from the beginning and how these choices, or lack thereof, have affected their lives down the road.

This production takes a very interesting approach at telling the story; six actors play two characters throughout the entire show, all within the same set. Although each story takes place within decades of each other, they share the same set of the apartment. From the tiny bed, to the dining room table, to the college degree on the counter, the apartment does not change (as it is even mentioned within the story). This adds to the story, though, as you can see while these characters are ever changing, they are still the people that they once were from the start.

Each actor gives a fantastic performance of highlighting the stage of life his or her character is at within that time. Alex Crossley and Alex James Ellison provide great innocence and youth to their roles, while Nova Skipp and Peter Gerald truly exhibit the built up anger and exhaustion that has been building up within them. Lizzie Wofford and Drew Weston, taking on the middle-aged roles, exemplify what it’s like in that crossroad when you are finding yourself with another person, trying to create a life together.

While the story was both compelling and intriguing, it was the score that I particularly fell in love with. The strings add a significant intensity to the story that also help keep the production moving, and the melodies are incredibly catchy. The entire cast was vocally strong as well, with Lizzie Wofford as a standout with her smooth and powerful sound.

Overall, I was very impressed with this production. Being in the intimate setting of the London Theatre Workshop, seating only 65, I felt like a fly on the wall within this story and was truly able to connect with it. From feelings of a first love starting, to the last goodbyes, you will be taken through a rollercoaster of emotions as you watch Kathryn and Edward come full circle in the place where it all began, Apartment 40C.

Reviewed by Caity O’Shaughnessy

Photo: Matthew Lees

Apartment 40c is playing at the London Theatre Workshop until 20 December