Ariadne the WAG

Sitting in my seat with an alcoholic beverage in hand, I was ready for an entertaining night of burlesque and underground naughtiness. The show kicked off with us being introduced to Ariadne who’s name I keep forgetting (remember it as harry had a knee). The character of Ariadne is a Greek WAG (wife and girlfriends) of a footballer. Ariadne was joined on stage by two burley topless men.


The night was set out as a cabaret show with Ariadne as our host. The theme was smooth and smartly written but lacked fluidity and originality at times.


We witnessed a wide range of acts, from stand up singers to a burlesque strip tease. The act that stole the show though was a pair of gymnasts/contortionists who were phenomenal. We were lucky to see this dynamic duo twice throughout the show and both times has the audience eating out of the palm of their hands.


The night was full of big laughs and naughty jokes but used predictable songs (Taylor the Latte boy) and lacked originality. Some of the choreography also looked messy and out of sync but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Another stand out performance was from Kris Milnes, who managed to keep up his Greek accent and demeanor throughout.


On a whole the show was a success but I still think there are creases that could be ironed out and take this show to the next level.

Reviewed by Jamie Champan-Dixon


Ariadne the Wag plays at Charing cross theatre 31 January and 7 February 2014 at 10pm. Click here to book tickets

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