Avenue Q – Greenwich Theatre

AQ PRESS NIGHT PROD SHOTS-1021 cr Darren BellWhen I first saw Avenue Q about six years ago, the concept terrified me and I was convinced that I’d hate it… Puppets on stage with people? A song about racism? Hmmm. Several hours later I was grinning from ear to ear – a total convert. But would I enjoy it as much the second time around?

The stage at Greenwich Theatre is quite small, but Avenue Q is quite an intimate production so doesn’t need much room and the set was very effective, particularly the NYC skyline and its lighting.

There are a few slight changes this time around, both in script and puppet design (Kate Monster was much furrier), but to a novice they would go unnoticed. The puppets themselves are beautifully made and it’s impossible to tell them apart (each set has 33 puppets in different costumes).

The cast were excellent in both puppet manoeuvring and performing. I genuinely forgot they were there a few times as I was so engaged with the characters. Lucie-Mae Sumner shines as Kate Monster, but you could tell she loved strutting her stuff as Lucy the Slut. 

Tom Steedon is fabulous as Princeton with his own expressions perfectly matching the puppet’s… even during the sex scene! Somehow Summer and Steedon create a visible chemistry between two puppets.

Songs are well-observed, catchy and hilarious, especially It Sucks to Be Me and Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist. The audience were brilliant – laughing raucously and cheering every song. The cast thrived on this energy and just got better and better.

In fact it was the perfect remedy for a Monday; with its strong script and talented cast, Avenue Q is a fast, funny and faultless production.

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes