Avenue Q

Rating ***
Reviewed by Jamie Chapman Dixon

When I heard that Avenue Q would be gracing us again at fringe level I was very excited to get down to watch it. Unfortunately as most comebacks, it was a slight let down.

Casting wise I wasn’t overly impressed, however Will Jennings and Josh Wilmott both put in fantastic performances and could not be faulted, but you did get a feeling that they were carrying the show.

The content that Avenue Q holds can open so many doors and different possibilities in the way you stage it. The impression I got from the show was that they were trying to do an exact copy of the west end version just without the money or big names which is never going to work. I would of liked to of seen something new done with the material and a fresh outlook on the show.

One thing I can not fault is the set and costumes. The set was very well put together and you could tell they went all out on both aspects. The space that The Gatehouse gives you is very small but was used smartly and efficiently. The set was put on an angle so to ensure that the L shaped audience all had a good view throughout.

One thing that felt out of place was the choreography. There seemed to be a lot of choreography in a show that just doesn’t need it.

Overall if you are looking for a fun night out then its worth going to see but if you are a die hard Avenue Q fan then its most likely not for you.