Rating [rating=4] Reviewed by Jamie Chapman Dixon

I couldn’t think of a more perfect setting for Bare than The Union Theatre. There has been a lot of talk about this very intimate and gritty venue being discontinued. If The Union theatre was ever to close I believe we would loose a valuable part of the British Fringe.

Bare itself is a very deep and thought provoking piece and has quickly become one of my favourite shows. The storyline is second to none and some of the music is awe inspiring.

The major problem with this musical is its length and at times it is hard to make it not drag. Saying that, I do believe that Paul Taylor-Mills and team have done a fantastic job.

The show is set in St Cecilia’s Boarding School and tells the tale of a young boys journey and how to come to grips about being gay and all the other problems that sprout up in his life.

I would usually pick 1 or 2 performers to highlight but I can’t continue without mentioning the amazing Ross William Wild, Michael Vinsen, Dales Evans and Hannah Levane who were all amazing.

I have to give credit to Will Burton at CDG for putting together such an amazing team including Dean John Wilson, Liam Ross- Mills and Jordan Lee Davies who unfortunately didn’t get to show off what they can really do from what I’ve seen from them in the past.

Throughout the show I was gripped to my seat and so engaged in the realistic acting that was being portrayed by every cast member. I would have liked to have seen the character of Nadia be played in a more loveable way though as I felt I wanted to like her from what she stood for.

The choreography was very clever, incorporating mirrors and chairs into the piece. The lyrical duet during Portrait of a Girl could have been more daring in my opinion.

The sound that echoed though the theatre as the cast sang was indescribable with words. My stand out songs have got be Confession, God don’t Make No trash, Once upon a time and the shows finale No Voice almost brought me to tears. I really am praying that they release a cast EP as I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Thanks to this amazing performance, Bare The Rock Musical is a show I really want to get my teeth into and I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw me come and watch it again before it closes.

Bare plays at The Union theatre until 25th May 2013. For more information and to book tickets, click here

Director: Paul Taylor Mills