Bathhouse! the Musical

IMG_4044 - 2Warning: this production contains steam, brief nudity and lots of bubbles!

An evening spent watching half naked men prance around a stage sounds beyond fabulous to me, especially as Above the Stag is such a welcoming theatre.

Innocent Billy (Ryan Lynch) heads to the ‘friendly neighbourhood bathhouse’ looking for love, but he soon realises that everyone else is seeking something slightly more short-term…

If you’re looking for a raunchy and fun camp production then Bathhouse! is it, complete with feather boas, cowboy hats and tinsel. Yet there’s also something slightly quite moving about the production – a group of people who only feel they can be themselves at the bathhouse.

Songs are hilarious – my personal favourites were the country n western style ‘Clickin’ for Dick’ (complete with cowboy hats) and the slower ‘Penises are like Snowflakes’ (which has been in my head all weekend). Some of the cast can sing better than others, but the group numbers are well harmonised.

Although the story itself left a lot to be desired (the plot is a bit wishy-washy and there’s no real character development), there’s no denying that this is a fantastic production that its target audience will adore. It’s rude, funny and leaves plenty to the imagination (plus some very obvious flashes) – the audience absolutely loved it!

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes


Bathhouse! the Musical has extended it’s run at Above The Stag Theatre until 9 August 2014, due to popular demand. Click here to buy tickets.