Blind Date

Wilma’s Rating **

Blind Dates are always awkward (I imagine, having never been on one) and this one at London’s Charing Cross Theatre is no different.

This two hour, straight through, black comedy improvisation show has potential at the start with Canadian comedienne Rebecca Northan sat at a cafe table alone, with her blind date obviously not going to show. So, she does the next best thing and picks herself a new date from the audience!

The suspiciously unexpectant date that is plucked from the crowd, makes it through the two hour date with ease, making me question just how random the selection was. But, if that’s their story, let’s go with it!

The date is funny and touching (as you would expect) but becomes very dark and I found myself questioning just how much of a comedy this was supposed to be.

After the date is over I was ready for the show to be over, but alas, we had another hour to get through, fast forwarding their relationship to 5 years in the future (and it felt like I had been sat there for 5 years!)

The show finally comes to a close and I was relieved. Blind Date has potential to be good and Rebecca Northan obviously has skill to be able to improvise for two hours but that was about an hour too long for me. I guess the problem with improv is that it runs the risk of falling flat on its face if you don’t have a script.

Sadly, if I’d have known what I was letting myself in for, I would have stood her up on the date as well.