Apollo Victoria Theatre Ushers pave the way for stamping out mobile phones

Last month I wrote (yet another) blog about how out of control mobile phone usage is becoming in theatre’s, after a theatre goer was punched in the face for asking the person sat next to them to turn their phone off during the performance because it was distracting.

In my blog Let’s stamp out mobile phone usage in theatre with a zero tolerance policy I said “It is time we crack down on this issue and stamp out mobile phone usage in theatres. If you are seen using your phone, you should be asked to leave the auditorium and not return. This should be in the terms and conditions of ticket purchases and be announced before each performance. We need a zero tolerance policy on this issue to make it go away.”

This week, I went to see the standby Elphaba, Laura Pick perform in Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre and was sat in a position which meant I could see a lot of what was going on in the audience and the Ushers did a phenomenal job in spotting mobile phones and quickly running over to have them turned off. At one point, an usher (who had told the same man three times to turn his phone off) escorted a man out of his seat to speak to him outside of the auditorium. Obviously I don’t know what was said but it was great to see control being taken on the situation.

It can be a little distracting to be trying to watch a show and having theatre staff running around in the audience but it really needs to be done, so that theatre goers eventually start to realise that mobile phone usage during performances is not an acceptable thing to do. The more it happens, the more customers will realise the correct way to behave. You would think the announcement at the beginning of the show saying mobile phone usage is not allowed, would be enough for people to understand the rules but sadly some people seem to think they are exempt from the rule.

So bravo to the staff at the Apollo Victoria Theatre for doing a good job. Let’s hope other theatre’s take a leaf out of their book and crack down on mobile phone usage so that one day, I can stop writing these king of blogs because it doesn’t happen any more!


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