Audience member gives boyfriends a “hand” during BIG THE MUSICAL performance
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Back in 2015 I wrote a blog about a very strange experience I had, sitting in the front of of the show Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown. It was more a case of ‘woman on the verge of an orgasm’ for me as the very drunk man and woman sitting next to me decided to take part in some extra curricular activities during act one of the show (which led to them having to be ‘spoken to’ during the interval because they were ‘distracting the cast’. You can read more about that eventful night here: BLOG: No Sex (in the front row) Please, We’re British

Well, it appears it may have happened again (who knows, maybe it’s the same couple) but this time during BIG the Musical at the Dominion Theatre.

Actor Jay McGuinness, who plays the lead role of Josh, tweeted “We had such an enthusiastic crowd tonight. Especially the lady in the audience who gave her boyfriend a “hand”. Spread through the cast/crew like wild fire. Exciting, but please arrive at the theatre ready to watch & not to play. At least try to beat in time to the music love.”

When one twitter user asked the questions we are all thinking “was it BIG?” Jay replied “Wouldn’t like to comment, but bless her she was very patient/determined trooping on for a majority of the first act. (Which runs over an hour)”.

If you’re going at it for over an hour, he’s probably not that into it and maybe just wants to watch the show.

Big The Musical is a joyous, heart-warming show about 12 year-old Josh Baskin who longs to be big. When a mysterious Zoltar machine grants his wish, he finds himself trapped inside an adult’s body and he is forced to live and work in a grown-up world and his childlike innocence has a transforming effect on the adults he encounters.

REVIEW: BIG THE MUSICAL (Dominion Theatre) ★★★


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