Some people shouldn’t use social media… for the sake of their career

‘Fame’ isn’t for everyone.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, some people shouldn’t use social media.

I won’t mention names here (because no doubt it will lead to a massive trolling to my social media channels if I do) but yet again, a semi-well known actor from the past few years has unleashed a wrath of abuse to people online over what appears to have been an innocent comment that was made by a fan.

Social media is great because it allows actors to interact with their fans and talk to them in a capacity that was not possible ten years ago. Ten years ago I spent a year travelling the world and once a week I would go to an internet cafe, download the pictures from my camera and send an email to my friends and family about what I had been up to. These days, you can stay in touch with people in real time thanks to smart phones and apps like Twitter and Facebook. This is incredible and hard to believe it has happened within the last decade. It has given an amazing opportunity for celebrities to interact with people in a way that was never possible. Sadly, this can be a great thing for some people and have catastrophic consequences for others.

I try not to engage in social media spats. If someone says something to me that I don’t agree with or that I feel I want to explain my response to properly, then I will usually write a blog post (like this). But as I’m a blogger I guess that’s the obvious thing for me to do! Usually I will just ignore it if I can but some people just don’t seem to be able to let it go.

Some people, Rob Kardashian for instance in the recent Blac Chyna nude picture scandal, should think before they post things online and consider what it might actually be doing to their career. It doesn’t matter if you are a brilliant actor/performer, if you appear to be a crazy person by engaging in huge attacks on people on social media, then regardless of whether or not you feel it is your right to respond, you are going to lose a huge amount of respect and credit within the industry.

Adele famously admits she doesn’t have access to her own Twitter account for fear that she might say something stupid and I think that is something more agents/management companies should take control of when the artist themselves are tainting the way they are perceived to be by what they say online.

Spread love not hate and think before you Tweet!

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