Sitting in the cheapest theatre seats possible for West End shows – Part 2

Theatre tickets in London‘s West End can be expensive. But there are cheaper options out there if you don’t mind have some restrictions in terms of view and leg room. I wanted to talk about how theatre can be accessible to everyone and there are options if you want to enjoy live theatre but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a ticket.

A few months ago I wrote a blog called  Sitting in the cheapest theatre seats possible for West End shows and people seemed to like it.

So here is part two!

It is important to note that all tickets were full price, directly from the theatre websites and not at discounted in any way. It is always worth looking out for discounts online but if you want to see one of the following shows and can’t find any discounts online, here is what you can expect if you book.

Trafalgar Studios – Studio 1
Box F (Restricted View) BOX F1 £18.50

I went to see Drag Panto ‘Cinderella’ and this restricted view seat was the only ticket left so I grabbed it. It was very restricted and I couldn’t even see the stage unless I leaned right over the ledge and even then I only caught glimpses of what was happening.

I feel like this seat was similar to the £7.50 ticket I got for Dear Evan Hansen (from the previous blog) and so this feels a bit expensive at £18.50 when there really wasn’t much of a view at all.

Les Miserables – Sondheim Theatre
Upper Circle C1 £17.50

Tickets for Les Mis aren’t cheap because its a classic show but there are some £17.50 tickets in the Upper Circle if you can’t fork out around £50 for a decent seat.

The view is very restricted but you do see bits of what is going on and the music alone is worth listening to live so whilst these seats aren’t great, they are reasonably priced for what you get.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Palace Theatre
Stalls D3 £20.00 (per part)

I believe these restricted view seats at the front of the stalls are released a few weeks before each show and get you up close to the action.

There is a massive pillar in the way and so you only see about 50% of the stage but certainly enough to be worth £20 for each show.

It is still a magical show, even with only half the stage in view.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – Apollo Theatre
Grand Circle F11 £20.00

Great clear view of the stage from these seats.

Can’t really complain for the price of this one.

I would definitely sit here again rather than pay for a more expensive seat.



Pretty Woman: The Musical – Piccadilly Theatre
Standing room at back of Royal Circle £20

This new show is selling out every day so far and so standing tickets are being released online at the back of the Royal Circle.

Sometimes these tickets appear online a couple of hours before the show and sometimes a few days in advance and so it is worth keeping a close eye on the website.

The very top of the stage is missed but nothing happens up there so it doesn’t matter.


If you enjoyed this blog, let me know on social media and maybe I will do a part three where I cover some more of the cheap seats in the West End.

Make sure you check out part 1 where I covered shows like Wicked, Mary Poppins, Dear Evan Hansen and &Juliet