The Curious Incident of the Missing Rat In Australia

After a sell out run, currently playing in Melbourne, Australia, the International Tour of The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-time is set to return to Australia to tour the country after it finishes it’s runs in Hong Kong and Singapore. The show has announced it will tour Australia’s other major cities from June-August 2018 including Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

But according to Australia’s Daily Review website, one thing missing from the Australian production, is a live Rat to play the part of Christopher’s trusted friend Toby. According to the website, the $25,000 cost of employing a rat handler to look after the animal backstage is more than the Melbourne Theatre Company and Arts Centre are prepared to pay and have instead opted to use a puppet rat on a stick for the show instead.

As shown in the picture here, all productions of this show around the world have a moment in the show when a puppet rat on a stick is used to give the illusion that Toby is flying through the air with Christopher but it very obvious that it isn’t the real rat. So I wonder if perhaps this report has got its wires crossed by seeing this picture and assuming that the live rat has been omitted from the show completely?

I find it hard to believe that so much money would be spent on taking a show around the world, only to decide to save on money by not including one of the real life cast members.

Has anyone seen the Melbourne production of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time that can shed some light on the truth of this matter? Let me know if you can!

Photo: Brinkhoff Mögenburg


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