Dear (Trolls of) Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen

Tony Award winner Ben Platt and star of the hottest musical on Broadway right now Dear Evan Hansen is the latest performer to be trolled on social media because theatre goers seem to think that the price of their ticket also includes a meet and greet with the stars after the show at stage door. Guess what? It doesn’t!

The message which said “You are an asshole! My daughters waited for you twice after seeing your show but refused to come out and greet fans. Garbage!” (which seems to have since been deleted) was met with this reply from Ben himself:

“Performing Dear Evan Hansen every night is wonderful but also hugely tough – as much as I would like to be out there every night, very often I cannot come to the stage door after the performance. My priority must always be self-care so I can recreate the same quality show each night. That’s my job and what each and every audience member is paying for and deserves. Before you tweet hateful things about how I don’t value our incredible fans when I can’t come to the door, please pause to consider that my responsibility to them is first and foremost to give me all each night. I preserve myself because I value each of them deeply.”

This was followed the next day by the ‘troll’ with “Other jobs are harder work than being a thespian. Don’t be a primadonna. Cherish your fans. The Tony excuses nothing.”

I would very much like to know what this particular Twitter user does for a job as they seem to think they know the amount of energy it must take to go on the roller coaster ride of emotions that Evan Hansen has to go on in this show.

The stage door is just where cast members sign in and sign out when they arrive and leave work every day. Imagine walking out of the door where you work, tired after a long day and being met with hundreds of people wanting to talk to you for the next hour. That might be nice every now and then but not every day. Also, you’re not getting paid for that extra hour of overtime so why should you do it?

As with most roles in theatre that are as physically and vocally demanding as Dear Evan Hansen, in order to be able to perform like that eight times a week, I imaging Ben has to talk as little as possible when he is not on stage in order to rest his vocal chords for the next day. An hour of chatting to fans every night probably isn’t going to be too helpful!

People will always complain about something in this world. If Ben met fans every night but then was unable to perform twice a week because his voice wasn’t rested enough, fans would only complain that they didn’t get to see the performer they had paid to see (which is a whole other blog post!).

Sadly, there are some people out there in this world whose sole purpose in life seems to be to spread negativity online and they don’t care who they do it to. The particular Twitter account used in this instance has no profile picture and most tweets are in support of Donald Trump and so I don’t really think we need to take their words too seriously!

And to Ben Platt I say don’t worry. Today is going to be a good day.