Don’t be a ‘Stage Door Barry’

Musical Theatre performer, Courtney Bowman, made her West End debut as Fatimah/1st cover Pritti in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie at the Apollo Theatre in 2017, after the show transferred to from Sheffield Crucible Theatre.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie tells the story of Jamie New, who we meet on his 16th birthday. Bored with school and life in a small northern town, Jamie dreams of becoming a drag queen. His only problem is that he has absolutely no idea where to start! With the unconditional support of his mother, a pair of red stilettos and some wise words from BFF Pritti, Jamie finds his way to “Loco Chanelle” the local drag attire store where he meets Hugo who tries to set Jamie on the path to his dream.

But the story of acceptance appeared to be lost on one theatregoer last week.

After Friday evening’s show, Courtney tweeted:

“My FAVOURITE thing in the world after working my breasticles off in the show is when some absolute turnip tells me they don’t need my signature because all I was, TO MY FACE was a ‘non important backing dancer’. I’m sorry but go screw yourself Barry, you’re a prick.”

Co stars Hayley Tamaddon and Layton Williams were amongst the supporters online after this happened, with Hayley saying “There are no “backing dancers” in this show. We all have a part. we are all “important” She’s an incredible actress, brilliant dancer, & can belt most of us lot off the stage with her insane voice. Be kind Barry.” Layton added “Don’t play yourself people. Coz if you’re gonna be rude to ANY of the cast at stage door none of us will check for you. You’ll most certainly get a clap back from me…” 

Last week, I saw a comment on a message board with someone claiming “going to stage doors is like going on safari – except you’re allowed to get out of the jeep.” People need to remember that actors are real people and you can hurt their feelings very easily. Every member of the cast and crew is a vital cog in the wheel that makes a show work and without them all working together, we wouldn’t see the amazing quality of theatre that we do.

So next times you’re at a stage door, don’t be like Barry. Be kind and respectful.


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