Are drink prices in London theatre’s getting ridiculous?

I went to the theatre the other night with a couple of friends. We all had a glass of wine each to take in to the show and also ordered the same again for the interval. So that’s six glasses of wine, approximately two bottles. And the cost was just over £70 which is shocking! The drinks were almost as much as the tickets we had bought!

The extortionate price of food and drinks in theatre bars is nothing new to talk about, it’s always been expensive and it’s understandable that the theatres need to make money. But charing well over £10 for an average glass of wine is crazy. I don’t mind paying crazy prices for a really nice glass of wine that I know isn’t something you can pick up in a supermarket for a fiver but when you’re paying well over the cost price it feels incriminating.

Not all theatre’s are excessive in their drink pricing. At Delfont Mackintosh theatres (Aladdin, Book of Mormon, Hamilton, Les Mis, Phantom etc), you can get a glass of wine for under £5 which is extremely reasonable and does raise the question that if they can do it, why can’t other theatres reduce their prices?

Theatre tickets are expensive enough as it is. Is it really necessary to charge so much for the drinks as well?


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