Could ‘Friday’ become the new West End ‘matinee day’?

Next week I’m going to see Pretty Woman – the new West End musical, which is transferring from Broadway after a short run there.

I’ve booked for a matinee performance but it isn’t on a Wednesday or a Thursday (the standard matinee days in London) but a Friday! Who’s ever heard of a Friday matinee?!

It doesn’t look like this is set to become standard practice for the show though. Right now it looks like just 21 February and 6 March are scheduled for Friday matinee performances and this is most likely in the run up to Press Night, so the show has more time to settle in before the critics get to see it.

But I often wonder if it would be better to mix up matinee days in the West End. If you’re going to see a mid-week matinee then most shows perform on Wednesday afternoons with a handful on Thursdays.

I love a matinee. They tend to be more relaxed, quieter audiences and generally more respectful. I’d love the opportunity to see a Monday or Tuesday matinee. And Fridays are a nice way to start the weekend. I don’t think it would matter to audiences either. People aren’t more ‘available’ on a Wednesday or Thursday. If you’re going to book for a matinee then you probably don’t work a 9 to 5 job and so can probably attend any day of the week.

So why don’t we mix it up a bit more?

Also, whilst on the subject of Pretty Woman the have some £22.80 tickets on sale if you don’t mind standing at the back of the Dress Circle. And tickets for this show aren’t hugely cheap (the front row seats which are generally classed as ‘Restricted View’ for most shows and sold cheaper, are on sale for a whopping £175 each) so standing could be a good option.