How you can get tickets to MARY POPPINS from just £18!

Yesterday, I light-heartedly tweeted “Do the £209 tickets for Mary Poppins include a free ride through the auditorium by umbrella?”

Less than 24 hours later and the tweet has gone semi-viral and caused an outrage amongst theatre fans who feel theatre is unaffordable and priced online for the elite these days. Whilst that can be the case, I wanted to clarify that there are also much cheaper tickets available for the show and there is a price range for everyone!

Tickets start at just £18 and whilst these are obviously not the best seats in the house, it does provide a possible way to see the musical without breaking the banks. There are several different price brackets and so you can choose the seats which fit with your budget. Obviously the more you pay, the better the view (unless you have a very tall person in front of you) but you can certainly get good seats for under £100.

Try booking during the week and not at the weekend’s as well to get a better deal. Top price seats during the week are £179 (compared to the weekends which is £30 more – for the exact same seats)!

Theatre is expensive but there are ways to get cheaper seats and people should never give up on going to see theatre just because they think they have to take out a mortgage just to pay for the tickets.

Although once the cheaper seats are gone, they’re gone so click here to book your tickets now at a price you can afford.

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