I’m sorry – I just don’t like Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar was the first big musical production I remember seeing as a kid. I was at school and we had all been taken to see the touring production. I remember not being blown away by it then and despite seeing it since then (the 2012 arena tour which starred ITV Superstar winner Ben Forster and Spice Girl Melanie C) I just can’t seem to love it.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some great songs in the show and it works really well on stage with a rock concert type vibe (perfectly done in the new NBC live recording featuring John Legend, Sarah Bareilles and Alice Cooper – him maybe not so much) but I have never been able to fall in love with the show.

I love Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musicals. Phantom, Cats and even Stephen Ward has some great songs but Jesus Christ Superstar is just long and boring.

The 1970’s rock musical started out as a concept recording album before it opened on Broadway in 1971 and the West End a year later where it ran for eight years (the longest running London musical at that time). It tells the story of Jesus’s last week of his life and his relationship with Judus – the disciple who betrayed him which eventually led to his crucifixion.

The new NBC Live concert recording that is being released on DVD and CD from the live TV broadcast in America earlier this year is great. Brilliant music, great atmosphere and amazing vocals. Apart from Alice Cooper as King Herod. The less said about that the better! So why don’t I like it?

Perhaps there are just some musicals out there that some of us will just never really be able to appreciate. Do you have any? Let me know what show’s you just can’t grow to love.


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