I Moved To Paris: Things I’ve learnt in week three

So week three in Paris was pretty much spent in bed for me as I managed to pick up both a virus and a cold at the same time! However, that didn’t stop me from leaving the apartment a few times and I have indeed learnt a few more things that I didn’t know before.

1. Speaking of illness
Something I never knew before was that when you move to another country, you are apparently exposing yourself to all of the local viruses and bugs that may not necessarily be around in the UK. Therefore, getting sick when you first arrive is apparently quite common as your body has to build up an immune system against different bacterias. Apparently this is true and would explain why I have been so sick. I’ve used the word ‘apparently’ so many times in this paragraph because I’m not sure how much I believe it.

2. Riviere Gauche vs Riviere Driot
In London there is a real North/South of the river divide. There are people who live north of the thames and people who live south of it. People often talk about which side of the river they live on and I find many people have only ever lived on one side and would never really consider crossing over into the other realm. This is true in Paris too. You are either Riviere Gauche (left of the river) or Riviere Driot (right of the river). A man I spoke to this week even told me that he will go ten minutes further to go to a shop on his side of the river, rather than cross the water to the same shop which is much closer. Now that’s dedication for you!

3. Everyone is just having a lovely life
Walking through the streets of Paris, no one seems to have a care in the world. This can be annoying as no one is looking where they are going and there seems to be no real rules on walking on the left or the right and so people just walk in to each other but no one really seems to mind. I’ve even noticed today how quiet the streets seem to be in central Paris and then it occured to me that there doesn’t seem to be any road rage! I can’t even recall hearing anyone honking their horn!

4. Paris makes you pay for junk food
In the supermarkets, food is pretty cheap and so cooking your own meals with fresh, organic food is very easy to do. But if you want pre-packed, ready made meals or fast food like McDonalds then you have to pay the price for not being healthy. Fast food resturants like McDonalds and KFC will set you back about £8 for a meal, a fair bit more than in the UK but I like the concept of making you pay more if you want to eat badly. I’ve watched a lot of UK TV programmes about people on benefits that say they cant afford to eat fresh food because junk food is so much cheaper which causes them to live unhealthy lifestyles. Here in Paris, it seems to be the opposite.

I didn’t learn a great deal this week but I’ll make up for it next week now I’m almost back to normal health. Plus next week will be my one month in Paris anniversary so expect something fun!

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