I went on a date … with a girl

I’m pretty open minded when it comes to love. I’m not hetrophobic and think if a man and a woman want to be together then they should be and it’s no one else’s business but there own.

I’m a happily partnered homosexual but when I went to see a comedy show called Lobster at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was approached to go on a date with Gemma, the performer, afterwards, I thought, well why not.

Lobster is a show based entirely on real-life experiences – a hilarious, romping, multimedia exposé of modern dating scrutinises the deeper, brutal side of love and life, challenging our preconceptions of women and dating, sex and autonomy.

They say lobsters mate for life and Gemma is trying to find her own real life human lobster this August by going on a different date every day at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I took her for a few drinks and a picnic of crisps and egg mayonnaise sandwiches and then we went to see one of the thousands of shows on at the festival. It was lovely but she did seem rather pre occupied lining up other dates on her phone (rude).

I think it was obvious from the start, for both of us, that there was no spark. And I’ve already found my lobster in a man and so she didn’t stand much chance of my sweeping her up off of the seabed but I was glad to have been asked to be her #catchoftheday and wish her all the luck in finding that special creature.

If you want to go on a date with Gemma then let her know @Play_Lobster

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