BLOG: I’m moving to Paris!

Yes, it’s true. I can officially announce that on 27 January 2018 I will be packing up the luggage (la la la) and getting on the Eurostar to Paris… to live!

Why? Well, why not? My partner in crime Pete is re-locating out there for his work and I’m tagging along to start a new adventure in life! How long for… who knows. a week, a month, a year… forever maybe!

Everyone i’ve told has asked me the same question “what about Wilma?” and the answer is nothing will change! The website has grown so much over the last five and a half years, that the majority of my time is spent sitting behind a computer and sadly not going to the theatre every night as I did in the beginning. I have a team of around forty people who go out and review shows for me now (as there is so much to cover), so my job has really become that of an editor, which I can do from anywhere in the world. Also, Paris is only two hours away on the train. Some people travel further than that every day to get to work!

I’ll be coming back to London every month for a few days to see all the hottest tickets in town and so you won’t really notice I’m gone!

Next week I’m off flat hunting in the Paris and I’m excited to be seeing La Famille Addams (The Addams Family) and Grease Le Musical (Grease the Musical) at the theatre there. Both shows are in French so that will be interesting as my French isn’t amazing just yet! Paris has a huge theatre scene and I’m excited to dive in to it! Of course I’ll be writing all about the shows I see on the new ‘Paris’ section of so come along on my Parisian journey with me!