I’m quitting social media – FOR EVER

We are living in a frustrating time, where we share our uninformed opinions on social media, sometimes with no real context to back up what we are saying.

It is particularly frustrating for me, as a blogger, when people miss the point of what I am writing about because they only read the first half of an article, decide they are outraged by it and take to social media to let me know, without perhaps seeing the context of what was meant in the remainder of the article.

Lots of people online this week are kicking and screaming about the new ITV show The British Tribe Next Door, where the Moffatt family (of Gogglebox fame) spend a month living next door to a tribe in Namibia, south west Africa. Their England home is rebuilt, almost exactly as it is in the UK, next to the tribes homes which are mostly made of mud and have no water nearby. People are calling the show culturally insensitive but having watched it myself I found it culturally fascinating. I learnt that these people have lived their whole lives never seeing their own reflection in a mirror. It also touches on how we, as a westernised society see material positions like clothes as so important when really they aren’t. Most interestingly to me was the relationship women have with their bodies. The women in this tribe do not cover their breasts with clothing and they are not seen as sexual objects. But in the show Scarlett Moffatt refuses to dress in their traditional dress unless she can wear a bra – and the women of the tribe find it hard to comprehend why baring the breasts is so unnatural to her.

Perhaps I am missing the culturally insensitive part of the show that other people seem to be so upset about, or perhaps (like I did before I watched the programme for myself) people are watching the advert for the show on TV and thinking it looks inappropriate and wrong – when really if people bothered to watch the show, they may see it differently.

Also online this week, I saw a comment about the new Meryl Streep film on Netflix, The Laundromat, where Meryl disguises herself as a latino worker, in order to expose the financial crisis, predominantly based around The Panama Papers. A person commented that she was wearing ‘brown face’ and that it was inappropriate in 2019 to be doing such a thing. However, anyone who has watched the film on Netflix will have seen Meryl reveal her disguise at the end, showing no brown make up was used.

Social Media is a great thing and everyone has the right to say what they like, but I do wonder if these days we are too quick to comment on social media about things, without taking the time to actually understand what we are commenting on.

So whilst I find the way we use social media to be infuriating at times, I am not infact quitting it forever. However, I wonder how many people will choose to read this blog post, rather than take the headline at face value and just assume it is true.


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