Inappropriately touched at the theatre

When a reviewer wakes up the morning after seeing a show, the first thing you would hope they think about is what they thought of the show. Sadly, eight hours after seeing Le Grand Mort at Trafalgar Studios 2, I am still primarily focused on thinking about the rubbing of my leg and groaning from the man sat next to me during the show.

I am a small person, about 5ft 9″ and weighing in at just under nine stone. So I am baffled as to why I was squashed up against two men last night, to the point where all three of us couldn’t sit back at the same time. Our shoulders physically wouldn’t sit alongside each other. I should point out that the two men either side of me were average in size and I can only imagine how difficult anyone sitting between a larger person must have felt.

I can accept that many of London’s theatre’s are hundreds of years old and the human race have evolved and grown over the years but the Trafalgar Studios is fairly new and so who on earth designed it so that no one could comfortably sit in the seats?

Watching a show at the theatre requires you to allow yourself to become totally immersed in the piece you are watching. Sadly, for the first half of Le Grand Mort, I was concerned the man next to me was having more fun in where he was sitting that what he was actually watching on stage and that made me feel very uncomfortable.

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Photo: BBC