A negative review isn’t necessarily a bad thing… is it?

Last week, one of my reviewers went to see a new musical production called Broken Wings which has a short run at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London’s West End. I have heard the concept recording and thought it was wonderful but as for the actual production my reviewer didn’t love it as much as I expected (given how much I had liked the music). However, every opinion is a valid one and I always tell people that so long as what they write is justified then they should always be truthful (sadly many publications out there aren’t).

The 2* review was met with much criticism online by fans of the show which is fine but one comment made me a little concerned. The message, sent to the shows writer about the review said “only believe the good ones”.

Years ago I wrote a constructively negative review of a small Cabaret show. I explained why I didn’t enjoy it and suggested ways it perhaps could have been better. A couple of years later, I received an email from the act to say that they had taken my feedback on board back then, rewritten some of the show and had just received their first ever five start review. They were elated and so was I because that is the whole point of writing reviews. You can’t be positive about everything all the time and ultimately a review of a show is like filling out a feedback form. The information gathered from reviews should then be taken on board and considered by the show to see if perhaps certain aspects need to be modified.

So no, don’t only believe the good reviews, take all feedback onboard and then decide whether or not perhaps you agree or disagree with what has been said. Reviews aren’t there just to give praise, they are there to give an opinion. That opinion can be taken on board or rejected but it should at least be considered.


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