Is it time to bring Les Miserables out of the 1980’s

Yesterday it was announced that a brand new UK & Ireland tour of Boublil and Schönberg‘s hit musical Les Miserables will open at Curve Leicester on 3 November 2018.

Producer Cameron Mackintosh said “Since I first conceived the new production of “Les Misérables” to celebrate the shows 25th anniversary in 2009, this production has taken the world by storm – more than matching the success of the original, which can now only be seen in London. This latest version comes hot from its recent Broadway triumph (now once again on a sell-out tour of North America) and is even more spectacular than the original”.

I saw the new production on Broadway a few years ago and it is brilliant. Gone is the opening where the prison workers are digging for truffles or something but now it ismore similar to the film opening, where the prisoners are rowing on a boat. The lighting and projections in the new version bring the production so much more up to date than the London version which has been playing in London for more than thirty years, especially in the scene where Javert plummets to his death, which is expertly done with him being suspended mid air whilst the projection make it look like he is falling.

So if Cameron Mackintosh thinks this the new version is “even more spectacular than the original”, why after almost ten years has the London version not been brought up to date? Is it time to drag the London production out of the 80’s and bring the up to date spectacular to the London stage?

Let me know your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. Would you like to see the new production in London or would you rather the original version stay put?

Photo: Michael Le Poer Trench


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