Is the stampede for HAMILTON tickets finally over?

When tickets to the Broadway smash hit musical Hamilton went on sale last year for the new London production, the initial booking period of tickets sold out in a matter of hours. There was such a buzz created around the show that everyone wanted to get a ticket to witness the holy grail of musical theatre. Even my mother admitted she wanted to see it, although she had no idea what it was about.

When the show finally opened late last year, the question “will a musical about American history translate to British audiences, the way it has in America” was answered with a unanimous string of five star reviews from the British theatre critics.

So when further tickets went on sale this week for the show, I wasn’t sure if the British public had calmed down yet or if they would yet again rush to bag any tickets they could get for this must see show. Thankfully, things do indeed seem to have calmed down with many tickets still available to buy up until December 2018 (the end of the new booking period).

So, if you want to see what is probably one of the greatest musicals London has seen in a long, long time then now is your chance as tickets are easily attainable. Yes, they aren’t cheap but as with all shows, you don’t have to pay the top price of £250 if you want to see the show. There are cheaper seats out there (if you don’t go at the weekend then the £250 seats are £200) and there are many different ‘restricted view’ tickets out there for as low as £37.50 which may or may not actually make a huge difference to your view (if anyone has tried these seats let me know what they’re like).

REVIEW: HAMILTON (Victoria Palace Theatre) ★★★★★


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