Is THRILLER LIVE doomed to close in the West End?

Thriller Live – the Michael Jackson tribute show, opened in London’s West End in January 2009, six months before the unexpected death of the King Of Pop. In March 2019, shortly after Thriller Live opened, Michael Jackson announced his last ever concert tour in the UK but three weeks before the show’s were due to begin, he passed away. This devastating news, that fans would not be able to see their idol live on stage, boosted ticket sales for the glitzy West End tribute show, which has now been playing for over ten years.

But the new documentary series, Leaving Neverland, in which two men speak candidly about the sexual and mental abuse they say they suffered as children from Michael Jackson, has left the world shaken, with many fans saying they will never listen to his music again and radio stations being called to stop playing his music.

Michael Jackson had a string of court cases during his life, from families who say he abused their children, but Jackson settled these cases out of court, essentially paying them off. He insisted he was innocent but didn’t want to be dragged through the courts. Fans stood by him but the world has changed over the last ten years and now these fresh allegations seem to be invoking more of a reaction than they did previously.

It is yet to be seen if the backlash against Michael Jackson will continue or if it will die down once again but if people feel strongly about not listening to his music anymore, this could mean a reduction in ticket sales for the West End show Thriller Live and could potentially cause it to close. Or, could it possibly cause a boost in his music sales once again and see a younger generation of people becoming curious about the music of the King of Pop?

What do you think? Will Thriller Live still be around this time next year? Have your feelings changed on the show since the documentary was aired?


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