Kanye West apologises to actors for being on phone during opening night of THE CHER SHOW

One of the most famous couples in the world, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attended the opening of The Cher Show on Broadway last night, but Kanye came under attack from actor Jarrod Spector who plays Sonny Bono in the show, who called him out on Twitter for being on his phone during the performance.

He said:
“Hey @kanyewest so cool that you’re here at @TheCherShow! If you look up from your cell phone you’ll see we’re doing a show up here. It’s opening night. Kind of a big deal for us. Thanks so much.”

Theatre etiquette is always a problem, with non-regular audience members sometimes being unaware that even in this age of social media, theatre is there to be enjoyed and not watched through the bright lights of a mobile phone. Not only is the light from a phone distracting to the entire audience (who is probably being affected in their line of sight by the devise), it is also abundantly obvious to all those on stage, slogging their hearts out to perform.

Kanye West responded to the tweet, to apologise for his behaviour and to compliment the performers and the show. He said:

“the dynamics of Cher and Sonny’s relationship made Kim and I grab each other’s hand and sing “I got you babe”
please pardon my lack of etiquette. We have so much appreciation for the energy you guys put into making this master piece.”

A theatre show is very difference to a concert and so perhaps Kanye really didn’t understand the unwritten rule of leaving your phone alone for an hour until the interval! His quick response and apology are to be commended and hopefully he has learnt his lesson for the future. Also, I doubt the promotion of the Broadway show to his 28m Twitter followers will do the show any harm either!


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