Week 7 Living In Paris: No One Said It Would Be Easy

It’s 1am and I can’t sleep. I’ve had tonsillitis for the last week and it’s not fun. The back of my throat is on fire and that bit that dangles down at the back of your mouth is so swollen that it’s resting on my tongue like a panting dog on a summers day.

Seven weeks of living in Paris and I’ve managed to have a cold, a stomach virus and now tonsillitis. Oh and my eleven year old cat Daniel back in London died today after a battle with cancer (he mostly just slept through the battle).

The Internet in my apartment has broken and so watching TV or doing anything of any great detail online is currently out of the question. My shower is leaking through the electrical light fitting in the flat below me but there seems to be some kind of ongoing stand-off happening between my landlord and the people living downstairs and so nothing is really getting resolved!

After a week of feeling like I’d been making real progress with learning the French language, I had the worst lesson ever today which has taken me ten steps backwards in confidence. Quelle dommage.

And at the weekend I went to see Priscilla Folle du Desert (Priscilla Queen of the Desert) the Musical here in Paris and it was shockingly awful. I don’t know why the standard of productions is so low in Paris but I’m yet to see anything that is remotely comparable to West End standards. The fact London has so many out of work actors fighting for very few jobs, I suggest investing in a crash course in French and then applying for jobs here because they can’t sing and they can’t act so there can’t be many people fighting for the jobs. I’d hate to (secretly love to) hear the ones that auditioned and got rejected! I’m seeing Hairspray this week and so cross your fingers for me that it’s good!

But what it all comes down to is that everything’s gonna be fine fine fine. Or at least it surely can’t get much worse.

PS, two points for anyone who can tell me the two 90’s female pop/rock songs referenced in this blog!


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