Be careful who you invite as your plus one, especially if they are RUDE!

On Sunday evening I was delighted to attend the Evening Standard Theatre Awards at London’s Drury Lane Theatre. Hosted by the hilarious Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The winners were pretty predictable, celebrities who were most likely to sell the most newspapers the following day but as I have said before, recognition is recognition and everyone deserves to be acknowledged for a job well done.

Glenda Jackson stole the show when accepting the Best Actress Award for her role in King Lear at the Old Vic Theatre. The 81 year old took to the stage to collect the award proclaiming that many years ago when she was trying to feed herself by being an actress, she never got a favourable review from the Evening Standard for her performances. Then later on when she became a Labour politician she didn’t receive much press from the Conservative newspaper and so by winning this award she has been left wondering what she did wrong! Hashtag mic drop!

Before all of the evenings proceedings started, as I was trying to take my seat in the auditorium, a man was perched on the top of my seat talking to two women. I politely said “excuse me this is my seat” to which the man turned around, looked at me like scum and simply said “and?” and turned back around to continue talking. I was pretty shocked at this rudeness and after about a minute he stood up and pushed me out of the way to walk off to his seat! Wowzers!

As soon as the show started, the two women sat next to me were chatting, paying no attention to the show. After a few minutes one of them asked me if I would move down one seat so their friend, who’s partner was nominated for an award, could sit with them. I asked if it was the same man who had just been talking to them and when she said yes I said I wasn’t prepared to do something nice for a man who had been so rude. This turned in to a rather long debate and despite my repeated asking them to be quiet and watch the show and that I wasn’t moving, my friend convinced me to just move down as they weren’t going to let it go. So in the spirit of actually being able to watch the show and not be talked at, I moved down. The man then jumped over the seats and in to the seat next to me.

It was appalling behaviour but the point of this blog is that perhaps, if you are nominated for a huge awards like the Evening Standard accolades, then perhaps you should choose your guests to accompany you more carefully as it can reflect badly on you. I won’t mention the name of the nominee who has the extremely rude and arrogant boyfriend but I wouldn’t rush to invite him along with you again in a hurry!