Should actors be asked to supply their social media accounts on job applications?

Social Media is a public forum, where we all have the right to express our thoughts and opinions. But is it ok for actors to be asked to supply their social media account details when auditioning for a role? I asked this question on Twitter this week and 83% of people said ‘no’.

But I’m not sure I agree. Sometimes I find myself scrolling through twitter and smarting  because of something an actor has said. One person commented on the poll “if you are in the public eye then what you post could be potentially damaging to a production/person/company” and this is very true (take Seyi Omooba for example).

There are also those who seem to engage in battle on social media, when people argue back at things they say. I often find myself thinking “stop responding – you’re just feeding the trolls and giving them what they want”. Twitter has become a vile breeding ground of hate in recent years and seems people are always on the attack to what people say. And so as people in the public eye, perhaps actors should be more conscious of what they say – and knowing potential employers will look at their posts, may do just that.

Whilst it is true that “if an employer feels they want/need to see a public account they can do what the rest of the public do and find it themselves” is true, this could run the risk of employers finding the wrong account and associating it with that person so perhaps it is better if they just give them the details.

Right now, with a general election imminent, I am seeing actors constantly arguing about politics online. Having an opinion is fine, using your platform as someone in the public eye to raise awareness for what you believe in is great but it should be constructively executed  and not the barrage of attacking people who feel differently to them that I keep seeing.

Another comment on my poll was that “if people want to be in a job that brings them into the public eye they have a responsibility to behave on social media in an appropriate way”. And that hits the nail on the head – have an opinion but don’t berate others for having theirs because they are the people that might pay for a ticket to see your show.


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