BLOG: Should hardcore fans be given priority booking for HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD?

_86282013_harrypotterWe knew it would happen. Yesterday, 250,000 additional tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child went on sale, taking booking up to December 2017. It took just three hours for the tickets to sell out, leaving some fans in online ticketing queues with almost 200,000 people ahead of them! Most people never stood a chance of even getting through to the booking page.

It’s incredible to see how much of a demand there is to see this show. I’m glad I got the opportunity to see it and would gladly watch it again but with tickets now sold out for the next year and a half, it looks like I’ll be waiting several years before I get another opportunity. I’m not a hardcore Harry Potter fan. I’ve seen the films and read a few of the books but that’s about the extent of it for me. There are many super fans out there though, disappointed that they haven’t been able to secure tickets to see the show yet. I suppose they feel like their dedication over the years has been overlooked somehow.

Maybe there should be a Harry Potter Quiz online where fans have an opportunity to prove their dedication to the books and if they score 100%, they get fast tracked access to the front of the booking queue. Or priority booking when the next batch of tickets go on sale? I read that Lady Gaga has a special area at her concerts called the ‘Monster Pit’ where hardcore fans can get a chance to secure the best seats to her shows, over other people. Perhaps don’t sell the front row seats for any shows next time tickets go on sale and then give the super fans an opportunity to buy them. I know there is the Friday Forty, where every Friday 40 additional  tickets go on sale but these can be bought by anyone on a first come first served basis and not necessarily by hardcore fans.

Theatre should be accessible to all people and everyone should have the right to try to buy tickets to see this play if they want to. However, when hardcore fans have been loyal to the Harry Potter brand for many many years, perhaps they should have an opportunity to see it before others.