The Best West End Shows to See Now That Lockdown Restrictions Are Lifted

It seemed that live theatre was a thing of the past throughout 2020 as theatres all over the world closed and dancing shoes, mics, and all manner of glitzy costumes were hung up with no return date in sight. Now, we can look at that year and treat it as a memory better forgotten as the theatres reopen and the West End becomes as all singing and all dancing as ever. It’s incredibly exciting being able to get back to the West End, but that still begs the question, what should you go see? Below is a list of some of the best West End shows to see now that lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Why Should You Go to The West End?

When you’re in London you are spoilt for choice with all of the different things that you can do; however, there is no getting around the fact that one of the experiences open to you that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world is the West End. With such an array of shows and talent performing there, it’s an absolute must. There are a lot of experiences London can offer that can be replicated elsewhere. For example, the amazing shopping can be done in other major cities, the fun casinos can instead be played remotely on sites such as Top Mobile Casino, which now offers a no deposit bonus, but the West End can only be experienced in one place … the West End!


Come From Away

This is the story of an ordinary town that was put through an extraordinary set of events. Set in Gander in Canada during the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Come From Away tells the stories of the thousands of passengers who found themselves stuck in this remote town as their planes were unforeseeably diverted.

This true story might sound grim, but it’s actually a heartwarming story about a town that opens its hearts and homes to all of the honorary guests that they had to welcome. The whole production is a moving tale of the townspeople, passengers and airline crew in this surprisingly uplifting musical.

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Mamma Mia!

The biggest party that you’re going to find in London. Using the songs of ABBA, this well-known story is one you know you’re going to love before you even take to your seat. Let this show take you on a trip to a secluded Greek island where you will meet single mother Donna who is doing everything in her power to give her daughter Sophie the wedding of a lifetime. Of course, there is a spanner thrown in the works when all three of Sophie’s possible Dads come to the wedding.

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It’s the musical that took the world by storm. Lin-Manual Miranda’s lyrically epic fusion of hip-hop, rap and R&B tells the story of the American revolution in a surprising masterpiece. History has never been more fun than it is with Hamilton and it’s no surprise that this musical went ahead to win such a huge plethora of awards and critical acclaim across the entire world.

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