Hi, my name is Ed but you can call me Wilma

Today marks the fifth anniversary of when the idea of West End Wilma was born and I decided this was the perfect time to tell you all the truth about who I am.

Back in 2012, my friend (who calls me Wilma) suggested I start a blog and so I did and I called it West End Wilma. I didn’t think a picture of myself would be very interesting and so I used one of an old lady. After a while, people started wondering why they had never seen her out and about in the West End. So, one drunken evening we decided to dress my mother up and take her out on the town as ‘West End Wilma’. She loves going out to press events with me, dressed up as Wilma and it has brought us much closer together as a family which has been lovely.

The blogging world has changed over the years and now it’s all about YouTube and making videos which I want to get more involved in. Today’s 5th anniversary seemed the perfect opportunity for me to come out (not for the first time in my life) and tell people who I really am.

People have speculated over the years. Message boards have ‘outed’ me as a seventeen year old Japanese boy and several different theatre performers who were thought to be behind the character but the truth is that it’s me and my mum! She will still be out and about, causing chaos on the London Theatre scene as much as always but I am going to be getting more involved as my real self, to help give the website the a modern day face lift.

Watch my video below to meet the real me and to hear my story …

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