US TV show RIVERDALE murder CARRIE the Musical in random episode

Ok, so I’m an avid watcher of the American teen drama television series Riverdale. The Netflix series, now in its second series (with a third having been confirmed to come) is about the dark and twisted lives of the small town residents of Riverdale. In series one, the hunt was on the find the murderer of the son of one of the towns most affluent families and the second season see’s the kids of the town hunting down a mysterious hooded killer.

So when I heard there was a special musical episode coming, based on the school kids putting on a production of the Stephen King book and iconic Broadway musical flop (it ran for just 21 performances) Carrie – the Musical, I was more than a little intrigued.

Carrie the Musical has had several reincarnations over the year, since its initial fail in 1988, including a 2012 off-broadway revival which gave the world the first ever cast recording of this show. In 2015, the show made its London premiere at the Southwark Theatre (the first time it had played in the UK since the shows initial pre-broadway try-out in Stratford Upon Avon in 1988).

As a fan of Carrie the Musical and Riverdale as well I was excited to see this special episode air – but what a tragedy it was!

The problem is that Riverdale isn’t a song and dance type TV show and so having a Glee-esque pop-bubblegum episode where the cast are walking through the school halls singing songs was just WEIRD. I mean, this is a fairly serious – teen drama dealing with murder and deceit. So why on earth put in a musical episode that has no bearing on the series itself?

As a fan of the music in the show Carrie, my ears were mortified to hear how the music had been adapted for the TV cast’s limited vocal ranges. The music offers so much more than the below mediocre performances given in the TV episode and it has made me consider not even completing the series (although after committing to 19 episodes out of 22, I probably will finish it).

As the saying goes, if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Know your audience and know your show. Leave the musical episodes for Glee and Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

What do you think? Did you see the episode of Riverdale? Am I being harsh or do you agree?


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