BLOG: Where has StageCon gone?

Just over a month ago, there was a big announcement that London’s first ever theatre convention, StageCon would take place on 3 & 4 November 2018 at Shoreditch Town Hall. The website promised ‘a packed programme of live performances, cast reunions, discussions, exclusive previews, workshops, panels, meet and greets, games, singalongs, showcases (and much more!)’ with performers like Alice Fearn, Sophie Evans, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Michael Xavier, Louise Dearman, Samantha Bond, Christina Bennington and many more to appear over the weekend.

But since the show was announced in mid-august, things seem to have gone pretty quiet on the StageCon front, with there being no further announcements or schedules and no social media presence at all, leaving theatre fans to question whether on not this is indeed a ‘stage-con’.

Ticket buyers were originally unhappy with the £80 per day price of tickets and many people said they wouldn’t purchase tickets until a full line-up and schedule for the event was announced, so they could see exactly what they are getting for their money. You would think that this would then make producers of the event rally around and aim to make further announcements as quickly as possible, to reassure ticket buyers of exactly what their money would buy them. Bizarrely though, the opposite seems to have happened and everything has gone quiet on the StageCon front with less than six weeks until it is due to take place.

Of the seventeen theatre performers announced to appear over the weekend, there only appears to be four confirmed to attend both days (Charlotte Wakefield, Debbie Kurrup, Samantha Bond and Stuart Matthew Price) and only three others confirmed to attend on the Saturday (Caroline Sheen, Louise Dearman and Sharon D Clarke). The Sunday looks busier with ten scheduled to be there including Alice Fearn, Sophie Evans, Carrie Hope Fletcher, David Hunter, Christina Bennington and Steph Parry.

Michael Xavier, who was due to appear on the Sunday has tweeted today “Unfortunately due to availability I’m no longer able to take part in the inaugural @StageConUK”.

Many people have said they have tried to reach out to StageCon since the launch and no one has received a response. After being approached to try to help find out what is going on yesterday, I have been trying to find an update but have had no luck. I asked the PR company looking after the event if they had any updates and if they could at least reassure me that they event is going ahead as planned and when people will hear more and they have said they “believe there will be news imminently but unlikely to be today.”

So we are still at a loss as to what is going on. I will keep you posted when I hear anything more but right now I am as confused as anyone!


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