The true story of WICKED (musical theatre satire) – Part 1

Glinda (nee Garlinda) appears to a crowd of witch hunters via bubble (self isolating from coronavirus) to let everyone know that the wicked witch of the west has been killed (spoiler alert – she actually hasn’t).

Everyone celebrates until suddenly, one hunter who has had a little too much festive cheer, asks if it is true that she knew the evil bitch. Glinda steps out of the bubble she has been living in to go among the common folk and try to explain by telling her story.

She start on the first day of university, where she arrived not by bubble, but by a set of moving suitcases. She needs lots of clothes because she is the only student who doesn’t have to wear a uniform. The students all wonder who this girl is who is seemingly better than everyone else.

She is soon overshadowed by someone more interesting – Elphaba, a girl with green skin with a sister in a wheelchair. The teacher tries to wheel her sister away but she doesn’t like that idea and gets a bit angry, invoking some kind of wheelchair spinning spell that brings her back to her sister. The teacher thinks her magic skills are pretty dope and tells her she thinks she might cut it as a sorceress one day and that she has been waiting her whole life to find someone with her skills and she will tell the wizard right away all about her.

Check back soon for part 2