Will Beetlejuice the Musical transfer to the West End?

Beetlejuice the Musical needs to come to London’s West End and this is my petition to make it happen!

Telling the story of Lydia Deetz, a strange and unusual teenager obsessed with the whole “being dead thing.” Lucky for Lydia, her new house is haunted by a recently deceased couple and Beetlejuice, a delightful demon with a real zest for life. When Lydia calls on Beetlejuice to scare away anyone with a pulse, this double-crossing specter shows his true stripes, unleashing a world of pandemonium, and the biggest sandworm theatre has ever seen.

If you were a fan of the film, you better get behind this idea because the stage production is a unique and wonderful. The theatre show is more significant, more raunchy, and more personal than the Tim Burton masterpiece that it was based on and will delight and repulse audiences in equal measure.

Burton’s Hollywood fantasy comedy film took the world by storm when it hit cinemas in 1988. It was a critical and commercial success, winning an Academy Award and grossing nearly five times the amount at the box office than it cost the film to make.

It was so popular that an animated cartoon television series was created and released in 1989. It has also proved to be such a big hit as its influence has extended into the video gaming industry with games such as Beetlejuice in Skeletons in the Closet released in 1990. There is even a board game based on the film and a slot game titled Beetlejuice Megaways which can be seen in many popular casinos like LeoVegas  – which is a very reputable provider as stated by this LeoVegas review and many others.

The musical brings different layers to the show that aren’t felt when watching the film. The set design makes you feel like you have been transported to another world where the unexplained suddenly seems plausible. With Beetlejuice breaking the forth wall on stage, allows him to talk directly with the audience bringing them right along with his mischievous adventures.

It is hard not to draw comparison to The Addams Family as the two shows have a similar sinister storyline and characters. But the main difference is the music in Beetlejuice by Eddie Perfect is just phenomenal. Fun, catchy lyrics and melodies and so real poppy and rock inspired beats.

While there are no concrete plans to bring Beetlejuice The Musical to the West End just yet, there have been some suggestions swirling around that it might be on the cards. It was the best show I saw on my most recent Broadway trip! Such a fun night out and I hope London gets to see it soon.