Bratz Kids Carnival – London Wonderground

646bfb85-8360-4432-857a-1544ca176520-1020x679Bratz Kids Carnival is brought to the London Wonderground by the boys who brought us the adult entertainment show Briefs last year. It is a cabaret show, for children! Juggling with hats, hula hooping, rings of fire and skipping might not sounds that entertaining but these boys do tricks unlike anything you will have seen before.

Hosted by Fez, along with his monkey assistant (a man dressed as a monkey – don’t worry) the audience are brought to their feet for a fun physical warm up before the show begins. The next fifty minutes are filled with colourful costumes and fascinating acts to entertain adults and children alike. Alien Marjorie Stewart opened the show, dancing around the stage but didn’t quite set the expectation for how good the show was going to get. The beautiful Louis Biggs entertained the crowed by juggling hats, rolling them across his shoulders and catching them on the back of his feet.  80’s clad Captin Kid hula hooped his way around the stage and even the monkey had a go with jumping in and out of a ring of fire.

Hilariously funny, entertaining and magical. If you’re a fan of their adult show Briefs and are yearning to see more then this will not disappoint. For youngsters and families looking for something to do this week then you can’t go wrong with this circus style act.

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: PR

Brat Kids Carnival is playing at the London Wonderground until Sunday. Click here to book tickets