Brendon Burns: Hasn’t Heard of You Either

brendon-burns460Brendon Burns is an Australian stand-up comedian and author who mostly performs in the UK. He is known for his boisterous stage presence and controversial material.

Having not seen Brendan Burns previously I wasn’t sure what to expect when heading along to see his stand up comedy show now playing at soho theatre until Sunday 13th July.

Burns chooses controversial topics for his show and isn’t backwards in coming forwards with his outspoken views. He enjoys challenging the audiences opinions through his very energetic and dynamic performance.

A strong use of coarse and bad language throughout makes this a show that won’t be enjoyed by all and you should go fully prepared for a ‘no holds barred’ evening of unique comedy. Although enjoyable I found the show slightly repetitive and lacking pace and original content at times.

Burns clearly has a loyal fan base that find his style of self deprecating humour very entertaining.

A clever use of audience plants and social media create interest throughout the one hour show with a very funny twist towards the end of the show.

Not for the faint hearted, Brandon Burns is an acquired taste and provides a few moments of belly-aching laughter throughout his performance.

Reviewed by Matthew Wren Andrew